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Best Leather Jackets For 2021

Best Leather Jackets For 2021

Leather Jackets

Like the sun, that always re-appears after the night ends. Like the four seasons, each of it obediently waits for their turn – and re-appears on their destined time, and shall keep doing it for eternity. The same pattern is followed in the mysterious universe of fashion. There are tested and tried fashion styles that shall never die, or be too old to re-appear. These styles will keep coming back in trend and will always look new. Like spring, each time it comes, it shall never fail to provide us with that intense pleasure! 

According to the pattern of stars in their respective houses, the astrologers of fashion have studied these movements, and predicted the fashion styles that are going to be trending the most in the upcoming year 2021! Our hearts welcome this year with hope attached to it, for it shall prove to be a year of blessings after facing a year of blight. We need to stay equipped for the excitements this year is going to unfold for us right? We present for you, 6 ever-green always-loved styles that have come back to mark their ranks as the top trending styles for the year ahead. 

Distressed Jackets:

Along the thousands and thousands of years that we have come along, there are things that have always been vital and surviving with us. Distressed jackets are one of them. These jackets never seem to go out of fashion and are always the first opted jackets. The vintage and worn out feel is just unexplainable! The jackets gives out a tough and rough look. Celebrities are thus, often seen adorning a jacket from the distressed family. Those with a vintage taste know its impact on their appearance. It doesn’t aim to make you stand out in public, it rather makes you remembered. Try out our Men Brown Distressed Biker Jacket and welcome the year ahead with a look that is a magical blend of vintage and up-to-date! 

Belted Jackets:

For those who are torn apart in making a choice between wanting to wear something baggy, and something that fits tight and well, and compliments their shape – belted jacket are THE solution! A nice baggy jacket that nicely gathers itself around your waist and just collects itself there to give you a stylish feel. You can wear a jacket that can also pass as a coat, being lose and tight fitted altogether. Isn’t that magic? That is why the fashion star-gazers have predicted for these boys – aka the belted jackets – to be super trending in the upcoming year. 

Puffer Jackets:

All of us are quit accustomed with these lifesaving jackets that are always a must for the dropping temperatures around New Years. These padded or quilted jackets are like that friend who shall never be forgotten, and will always be there with a helping hand. These durable, tough, not-shrinkable, and water resistant jackets are competing with the fashion divas in the upcoming year. Along with its functionality this jacket is being preferred by many for its cozy looks and the wide range of colors that these jackets are available in. This light-weighted package of warmth and comfort is intricately designed to also serve your taste in style. Check out our Happiest Season Riley Puffer Coat along with many other movie based jackets – for a warm and stylish look for the New Year ahead! 


Ta-daaaa. Is what you’ll want to say to yourself standing in the mirror and hypnotized by your own charm (in a completely non-narcissistic way) although we do think Narcissus was definitely wearing one of these trending blazers to have fallen in love with himself! Yes, you guessed it right – Blazers are the new trending clothing style in winter that is up for a tough competition in the race of fashion. These are no longer only for formal moments, and are available in such stunning prints and colors that it’s impossible not to find one that suits your individual taste – and the occasion you want it for. Blazers are safe, universally liked and with an undying appeal that made it come back to serve the hunger of good tasteful fashion! 

Our Womens Blazer Jacket along with other movie-inspired blazers are examples – that will make crave for one this season. Add class to your routine day with a precisely chosen blazer, and make 2021 a special year.


One time investment is one concept that is now marking its territory in many people’s mind. If you believe in one time wise investments, the super trending tuxedo should be on top of the list. We need to have one of these classical dresses that hold a special place in our hearts, and we cannot stop craving for one. Since tuxedos are back in trend, to rent one each time does not make sense. Buy this trendy dress once, and see how excited you are each time you step into your wardrobe to see who’s waiting for you there! 

These magnificent garments of a colored vest with silk lapel and a matching tie – is every man’s breaking point. And since the tux family is back in their glory and ready to reign, be equipped for the approaching year with investing in one – believe me, you’ll thank yourself in the end. 

Biker Jackets:

And here comes the shop stopper, biker jackets! Don’t miss a beat when you hear about these jackets being amongst the top trending fashion styles for 2021! Exciting isn’t it? These asymmetrical designed jackets that are known for their durability and protection are going to be trending in the coming year. Even if you don’t aim to be riding bikes, this jacket is still the style-resort for you to add in your fancy wardrobe.

Thegenuineleather is here to awe you, and help you trance others with the same grace. Our super trending Mens Brown Biker Leather Jacket is calling out your name!

Pick The Trendy Jackets On This New Year

The New Year is approaching us with the same series of 356 days and 12 months, and yet, each second of these days holds a surprise for us in them. These same styles of jackets, with a touch of something new – is a perfect blend of old style and new trends. After an entire year of perseverance and patience, let us all welcome the year that has headed our way – with an uplifted spirit and stunning looks! Check our website for many more amazing jackets all waiting for you!

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