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Aviator Jacket, Mens Aviator Jacket, Aviator Jackets for Mens and Womens

The Aviator Leather Jacket is a timeless and stylish item every man should have in their wardrobe. The Air Force initially made this attire to protect their personnel from the cold sensation in the cockpit. And because of this reason, they choose leather as their primary material.

Also, leather can provide better insulation at a low cost with its never-ending classic appearance. As technology improved, the jacket changed to include sheepskin to keep the body warm at higher altitudes.

Brief History Aviator Jacket

Brief History Aviator Jacket

During World War I, designers created aviator jackets. Designers created these jackets to keep pilots warm and protect them from the cold and wind. The manufacturers specifically made the jackets for pilots who flew in open cockpits. Artisans crafted these jackets with leather or fur and lined them with sheepskin or wool.

The US Army Aviation Clothing Board introduced the A-1 flight jacket. The designers issued this jacket, and it became the standard jacket for US pilots. It had a zip-up front, a snap-down collar, and two pockets, which was the initial fabrication of horsehide leather.

During World War II, these jackets became famous because of technological plane advancements. At that time, pilots needed jackets that could keep them warm in extreme temperatures without restricting their movement.

In 1939, the US Army introduced the B-3 flight jacket. The B-3 was a fabrication of sheepskin with thick shearling lining. The designer created the extended collar to protect the pilot's face from the cold, and the pilot could turn it up. Bomber pilots quickly adopted the B-3.

Civilians showed a great interest in aviators after World War II. People saw them as a symbol of adventure and freedom. Celebrities and fashion icons often wore aviator jackets, further increasing their popularity.

Changing Environment And Technology

As aviation technology has advanced, aviator jackets have also evolved. The protection of pilots from wind and cold was the first purpose of creating these jackets. However, modern cockpit pilots require less protection.

Manufacturers make modern aviator jackets with lighter materials and a streamlined design. They often have removable hoods, waterproof linings, and reflective accents.

Importer of Aviator Jackets

The people of The United States use aviator jackets. In 2021, the US imported over $500 million worth of jackets. Canada and France are also importers of aviators.

Biggest Exporter of Aviator Jackets

China is the biggest exporter of aviator jackets. In 2021, China exported over $1 billion worth of jackets. India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh are also exporters of it.

Different Material of Aviator Jackets 

These Leather Aviator Jackets have come a long way from the primary Men's garment to a timeless choice of attire. However, you can always recognize that the Pilot Leather Jacket for men has a unique pull of contemporary features. 

Today, these jackets come in various colors with different shapes and styles to suit the preference of each. We at TGL provide multiple designs that are pocket-friendly.

Manufacturers make men's aviator jackets from sheepskin, cowhide, or both materials. Genuine leather believes that if the craftsmanship is impeccable, a material can express its value.

This is the principle our artisans adhere to to deliver you a top-notch appearance. They are masters of their skills, and they acquire these skills from their adults.

Best Deals on Men's Aviator Jackets

If you are still looking for the best deals on men's aviators, check TGL with a wide range of options. You can only find a perfect deal at our store:

  • Shop Off-Season: Buy your jacket during the off-season for substantial savings. You can always be right in fashion with a stylish coat, no matter the time of year.
  • Compare Prices: Browse different retailers and compare prices. You might find exclusive deals and discounts on our TGL website.
  • Flash Sales: Watch for flash sales, where you can score amazing deals on aviator jackets.

With TGL, you have a one-stop shop for all types of jackets, making it easier to find the best aviator jacket deals. Shop carefree and stylish with TGL!

Types Of Men Aviator Jackets

You have many incredible men's aviator jackets to choose from, and each one brings its own vibe and swagger. Check out these popular types:

A-2 Flight Jacket

US pilots also received the A-2 flight jacket. Pure horsehide leather crafts it. It comes with knit collars and cuffs. The A-2 is a lighter jacket than the B-3. Making it a good choice for pilots who fly in warmer climates.

G-1 Jacket

The G-1 aviator jacket is a fabrication of goatskin leather with a mouton collar and cuffs. The A-2 jackets are durable and have features. You can buy these high-quality jackets from TGL. They are stable for pilots who fly in harsh conditions.

MA-1 Bomber Jacket

The US Air Force introduced the MA-1 bomber jacket in 1950. The material is nylon with a reversible orange lining. The MA-1 is a lightweight and versatile jacket that is popular with both pilots and civilians.

Lambskin Jacket

Lambskin Jacket are a fabrication from the skin of a lamb. Softer and supple. Stylish and light enough. The Lamb aviator jacket sale is available at TGL now! Grab an elegant deal and stay warm in the most incredible way.

Shearling Aviator Jacket

Want to carry a perfect look? Combine a Men's Shearling Aviator Jacket with slim-fit jeans and sneakers. You can also add black sunglasses.

You only know what can be the prime pick for you once you try different things on yourself. So, choose two or three vintage-looking items, and you could be a fashion Diva!

Aviator Jacket Styles

Explore a range of styles at TGL to stay cozy and fashionable. From classic aviator leather and pilot jackets to trendy men's shearling bomber jackets, we've got you covered. 

Upgrade your winter wardrobe with ashearling aviator jacket for warmth and style. For a fresh look, check out the new look aviator jacket collection. Find your perfect aviator style at your fingertips.

Aviator Jacket Right Colors


aviator iMAGES

Selecting the perfect color for your men's jacket goes beyond mere fashion choice. It reflects your personality. The color sets the tone for your outfit and can convey different vibes. 

For those seeking a timeless and versatile option, the Black Aviator Jacket is a go-to choice. It carries a sense of edginess and pairs well with various outfits.

On the other hand, the Brown Aviator Jacket provides a rustic, rugged appeal. Making it perfect for you if you desire a more laid-back look.

For a softer, more neutral style, the Cream Aviator Jacket is an excellent pick. It offers a fresh and clean appearance that suits your summer events.

Ultimately, your chosen color can make your style better. Pick an aviator jacket color that suits your style and the impression you want to give based on your personality.

Identifying A Fake Aviator Jacket 

Spotting a fake aviator jacket can save you from disappointment. Here are some simple tips to help you distinguish the real deal from a counterfeit and why choosing TGL is a smart choice:

  • Check the Brand: Genuine aviator jackets often have prominent branding, such as TGL, a trusted source for quality jackets.
  • Inspect the Material: Authentic aviator jackets use high-quality materials like leather or shearling. TGL ensures original quality in every piece.
  • Zippers and Buttons: Genuine aviator jackets feature robust, well-made zippers and buttons. TGL's attention to detail ensures you get the right deal.
  •  You must consider and avoid allowing low prices to fool them because price matters. Remember not low and high prices are good choices. TGL offers competitive prices for authentic aviator jackets.
  • Seller Reputation: Buy from trusted sellers like TGL for genuine aviator jackets that are reliable and of good quality.

When you choose TGL for your Aviator Jacket, you invest in genuine, high-quality products. Avoid the disappointment of a fake and enjoy the authentic style and warmth that TGL jackets provide.

Women's Aviator Jacket

At TGL, we have many aviator jackets for women that suit your style. Our women's collection has classic and trendy designs. 

They are also available in various colors, materials, and styles. Explore our extensive women's aviator jacket collection and make a fashion statement while staying warm.

Women's Aviator Jacket


We discussed aviator jackets and various styles and learned a lot about the importance of colors in them. After reading this article, you will identify the fake aviator jacket. Many men's aviator jackets exist, so choose the one that best suits you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style an aviator jacket?

If you want to go for a more casual style, combine your aviator jacket with a lighter pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. Choose darker colors for weekday evenings, such as these G-Star shape high-waist ultra-slim jeans.

Are aviator jackets out of style?

A Mens Aviator Jacket never went out of fashion, making it the ideal investing piece to splurge on today and wear on repeat for years to come. We've identified the most extraordinary aviator jackets to cozy up in right now, from basic black and brown types to vegan leather and faux-shearling variations.

Are aviator jackets meant to be oversized?

Aviator jackets are supposed to be worn oversized, ideal if you like. However, people felt highly toasty wearing this jacket, even with only an oversized t-shirt dress beneath.

How do you know if a jacket is too big?

Drops in the collar-to-shoulder line indicate that the jacket is overly oversized at the shoulders. Dips in the shoulder line might be an issue for males who have sliding or rounded shoulders. The jacket is skinny across the shoulders if you can't comfortably elevate your arm. Try sizing up or down.

How do men wear bomber jackets?

  • Wear your bomber jacket with the same color and style as your outfit.
  • A bomber jacket looks great paired with a T-shirt, jeans or chinos, and sneakers.
  • Choose a classic bomber jacket style and wear it with chinos or trousers and a collared shirt for a smart-casual look.

Why do aviator jackets have arm pockets?

Both vintage and modern MA-1 jackets feature a bright orange lining which was originally used in an important way: in case of a downed pilot, the jacket could be turned inside out so that rescuers would be able to see the pilot.

What is an aviator jacket made of?

An Aviator Jackets is a traditional leather bomber-style jacket with a zippered front, a fitted waist, and a shearling collar. Pilots originally wore them. Since then, they have become part of popular culture and fashion.

How are aviator jackets supposed to fit?

Unless you've selected a slightly cropped style, Aviator bomber jackets should always hang loosely on your hips. Clingy cuffs should not extend past or above your wrist – regardless of the fit. The cuffs should be relatively tight, so if they hang loosely, try a smaller size

Are aviator jackets cool?

An aviator jacket is a timeless and versatile piece of outerwear for men. All types of guys can wear Bomber Aviator jackets, black aviator jackets, and Brown Aviator jackets since they come in true sturdy fabrics, styles, and materials.

Can you wear shearling in the rain?

When it is pouring outside, wearing an Aviator Shearling Jacket is not recommended. You do not have to worry if you suddenly get caught in the rain if your shearling garment is of high quality. When your jacket has dried, be sure to brush it and condition it

How long does shearling last?

Quality and care can extend the lifespan of an aviator jacket by 10 to 20 years. Their durability makes them suitable for long-term use. Garments made of leather tend to fit and look better with age.

Are aviator jackets still in fashion?

Fur Aviator Jacket and other aviator jackets have become a fall fashion must-have. The silhouette is a combination between a classic Flight Jacket and a leather biker but with a comfortable shearling or faux fur lining for autumn chills. This timeless design will last season after season, making it an excellent investment.

What is a pilot jacket called?

Bomber jackets,' as we now know them, were initially included in the Flying Jacket Mens category,' and were invented by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board in 1917 to keep WWI pilots warm in the uninsulated, open-air cockpits of early fighter planes.

Should aviator jackets be oversized?

Don't go for something too tight; size up if necessary, but make sure there's enough room in the arms.” You should be able to zip it all the way up and yet have enough underneath for a light sweater without the seam tugging or making you appear like Michelin man.”

What's the difference between a flight jacket and a bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets and flight jackets are two phrases that can be used interchangeably to describe the same clothing. They have a lengthy history, are available in a variety of styles, and are ideal for casual use.

What makes an aviator jacket?

A flight suit jacket, also understood as an aviator jacket, is a loose-fitting jacket that glances like an element of a flight suit.

What is another name for aviator jacket?

Aviator jackets are frequently named flight jackets or pilot jackets.

What are the different types of aviators?

Following are the 7 different types of aviators:

Classic aviators 

Mirrored aviators

Polarized aviators

Gradient aviators

Flat aviators


Classic Teardrop

Puffer jacket
Brown Leather Jacket
Brown Leather Jacket
Bomber Jackete