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Moxie Jacket Collection

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Moxie Jacket Collection

Amy Poehler direct this Comedy-Drama film based on American Origin. The movie released on 3 March 2021 by Netflix and received mixed reactions from its audience.

Who's in the cast?

The movie starred:

  • Hadley Robinson as Vivian
  • Lauren Tsai as Claudia
  • Nico Hiraga as Seth
  • Sabrina Haskett as Kaitlynn
  • Anjelika Washington as Amaya
  • Amy Poehler as Lisa
  • Ike Barinholtz as Mr. Davies
  • Alycia Pascual-Peña as Lucy
  • Emily Hopper as Meg
  • Sydney Park as Kiera
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger as Mitchell
  • Josie Totah as CJ

What's the basic plot of the movie?

The story revolves around the 16-year-old young girl Vivian, who lives with her mother. This movie's basic summary is when a shy young girl observed that one new student, Lucy faced harassment by Mitchell Wilson. He is a leader of a toxic male squad. She, after this, decided to something about it and published a zine called Moxie to call out sexism at her school.

A quick FAQ about the movie? OK, let's do it!

What does it mean to have Moxie?

In general, the meaning Moxie is courageous, determined, and energetic to pull up roots. In this movie, the word almost follows the same path when a feminist group of girls gathered to counter the male's behavior. But in our case, it means to have the Moxie Jackets! So, that you can have the same courage and bravery as Vivian.

Is Moxie based on a true story?

No, it is not based on the true story, but the book of the same name. But our Moxie Jackets collection has its true inspirations from the movie.

Do they find out who wrote Moxie?

Well, that would be a spoiler to give so that we will ignore that part! But you can find out who makes these Moxie Jackets when you visit the product and check them!

How long is the Moxie movie?

It has a total run time of 1 hour 51 minutes, but in our category of Moxie Jackets, there is no running time! You can quickly check and choose any Moxie Outfits you like without any hassle!

So, don't forget to select one for yourself from this Moxie collection to stay extra rebellious. Also, we are offering them at a discount! So, you need to hurry!