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8 Ball Jacket

8 Ball Jackets

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8 Ball Jacket Collection

Regarding iconic fashion pieces, 8 ball jackets stand out as a symbol of coolness and individuality. These jackets are available for men and women in many styles, materials, and designs.

Origin of 8 Ball Jacket

In the 1960s, Michael Hoban launched the store, selling these 8 Balls Jackets at North Beach Leather in San Francisco. It was started when Jackie Onassis and Edie Murphy placed the orders. After this, they become an example for leather lovers.

Initially, it was inspired by one of the best comedy series, Seinfeld, aired in 1989 on NBC. This sitcom has given new fashion trends to the audience. The series has nine seasons, which got a chance to conclude in 1998.

Hoban was returning from work when the design of this jacket smashed into his brain. While standing at lanes in 1986, he perceived the distinguishing shoe size attached to the bowling shoes' backside. After reaching it, he immediately designed the jacket with an 8-ball logo imprinted. This 8-ball logo becomes the center of attention on sleeves and shoulders.

The 8 Balls jackets have come away long due to their initial love from the audience. It is still in business because of its genuine affection for leather outfits. Although it has seen many changes and variations, the original 8-ball logo is always there to preserve its legacy.

Our Most Demandable Products

8 BALL Style JACKETs COLLECTION Our Most Demandable Products

For fashion enthusiasts, this will provide them with remarkable comfort. It is made of premium genuine leather with different color disparities. You can choose from a wide variety at The Genuine Leather for yourself and your loved ones.

You can choose the products that are in most demand at our store. Our 8 Ball Jackets Collection has an 8 Ball Leather Bomber Jacket, an 8 Ball 90s Black, a Women's Stylish 8 Ball Pool Leather Jacket, and a Men's 8 Ball Fur Hooded Jacket. These are some of the options if you will spend on buying one of the unsurpassed casual wear.

Express Yourself Through Colors

Every jacket is filled with unique colors, like an 8 ball 90s black jacket, so you can't resist choosing this as your ultimate casual attire. You can wear this at functional parties, daily meet-ups with friends, or even while hanging out with someone you like. So, why not spend it on such outfits with that level of features?

Quality Assurance

If you are concerned about the quality, do not worry; we have your backup; as mentioned earlier, we used genuine leather to fabricate each jacket. We also have premium YKK zippers in it. If you are a true fan of the famous sitcom series, you should pay your respect as loyalty by buying this 8 Ball Jacket.

Are you still thinking? No way! Please hurry up and check the 8 Ball Jackets Collection stock before it runs out!

Care Instruction for 8 Ball Jackets

The longevity of your 8 ball jacket depends on how well you care for it. The care instructions remain crucial whether you opt for a classic leather jacket or a trendy faux fur design. Generally, 8 ball jackets are best maintained through dry cleaning and gentle hand washing. Always check the specific care label on your jacket for detailed instructions.

Tailor Your Style With Right Fit

You can make a decent look with the right fit. It is your own preference whether you choose loose or fit ones. Your coat should not be tall and short. All these fits are available at our TGL. 8 ball jackets cater to various preferences:

  • Relaxed Fit: Perfect for a casual, laid-back style that provides comfort without compromising aesthetics.
  • Slim Fitted: Tailored for a modern, sleek appearance, emphasizing your silhouette.
  • Oversized: Embrace the oversized fashion trend, allowing for a loose and comfortable feel.

These 8 ball jacket fits are accessible from our store in multiple patterns that add personality to your jacket choice. The striped pattern of the coat is a timeless choice that exudes a classic, sophisticated vibe. On the other hand, the paisley jacket pattern makes a bold and stylish statement.

Material of 8 ball jacket: A Palette of Choices 

The functionality and aesthetic of your 8 ball jacket depends on the material. You can purchase from a diverse range available at The Genuine Leather.

  1. Leather: It is a classic choice that exudes timeless style, and we also offer a big sales discount on our durable products.
  2. Fleece: You can also buy thread for your next 8 ball jacket because they are soft and cozy. It is a comfortable choice and suitable for a stylish look.
  1. Cotton: Cotton is a Breathable and lightweight material, ideal for casual wear.
  1. Wool: It is the most traditional material that is used to keep the body warm. It suits colder areas like Alaska and Fairbanks, with extreme weather conditions.
  1. Nylon: Water-resistant and lightweight, suitable for various weather conditions.
  1. Polyester: Polyester 8 ball is durable and versatile, offering various styles.
  1. Satin: Satin is a luxurious and smooth women stylish 8 ball jacket that adds a touch of elegance to your ensemble.
  1. Genuine Fur: It is at hand for those who appreciate the warmth and luxury of real fur.
  1. Faux Leather: Stylish and cruelty-free, an ethical alternative to genuine leather.
  1. Faux Fur: Chic and animal-friendly, providing a touch of glamour.
  1. Shearling: Shearling is for colder climates and is soft and insulating
  1. Silk: Elegant and smooth, ideal for a more sophisticated look.
  1. Faux Suede: Luxurious and animal-free, offering a suede-like appearance.
  1. Linen: Breathable and lightweight, suitable for warmer weather.
  1. Velvet: Plush and luxurious, adding a touch of luxury to your outfit.

As the climate changes, the 8-ball jacket material choice for men and women also varies according to the changing seasons. Choosing the right level of warmth is essential for adapting to different climates. You can select a lightweight 8-ball jacket that is Ideal for milder weather, providing just the right amount of insulation.

While midweight is versatile enough to transition between various climates without compromising comfort. Lastly, the 8 ball heavyweight jackets are designed for the coldest temperatures, ensuring you stay warm in extreme conditions.

Styles of 8 Ball Jackets

8 BALL JACKET COLLECTION Styles of 8 ball Jackets

Your style is defined by the type of the 8 ball jacket. You can choose from varsity, puffer, and bomber jackets for men and women.


8 ball varsity jackets embrace a sporty, collegiate look with this timeless style.  


Stay warm with quilted designs of 8 ball puffer jackets that are stylish and functional. It would be best if you considered purchasing it at TGL.  


We also have an 8 Ball Leather Bomber Jacket in our collection, a classic choice that never goes out of style, offering versatility for various occasions.  


Women's stylish 8 ball pool leather windbreaker jacket is lightweight and wind-resistant, perfect for breezy days.  


Add a touch of edge to your outfit with an 8 ball motorcycle jacket.

Choose features that align with your lifestyle:

Men's 8 ball fur hooded jackets add protection and a trendy, casual look. Waterproof features guard against the elements with jackets designed to keep you dry. Some jackets are crafted explicitly for rainy weather.

With a reversible jacket, you get two looks in one jacket. While an insulated jacket warms your body and makes you comfortable. Add a touch of sophistication with jackets featuring lapels, perfect for a polished appearance.


In fashion, 8 ball jackets offer a canvas for expressing your individuality. It contributes to a unique and personalized style. Choose the 8 ball jacket that resonates with your personality, and step out into the world with confidence and flair.

Frequently Ask Questions 

What does an 8 ball jacket mean?

Michael Hoban of North Beach Leathers in San Francisco invented the first eight-ball jacket in 1990. The colorful $775 jacket, which was part of a series embossed with dice and playing cards, was a hit, possibly due to inadvertent connotations with cocaine (“eight ball” is slang for an eighth of an ounce).

When was the 8 ball jacket popular?

Hoban, 79, first unveiled the colorful design in 1990, and it quickly became a cult classic, immortalized in rap lyrics, worn by future French First Lady Carla Bruni, criticized “Seinfeld,” and, most recently, causing a late-night fracas on the F train.

What kind of designs are available in 8 Ball Jackets?

Eightball jackets are on exhibit, each with a fantastic range of designs and superior quality fabric and tailoring.

Where can I get Eight Ball Jackets?

If you're looking for a high-quality 8-ball jacket with a unique design at a Pocket-friendly price, look no further. Then The Genuine Leather is the place to shop for your next purchase, as we endeavor to delight our consumers with high-quality items and services.

Can I dress in 8 ball jacket formally?

It is entirely up to the wearer's choice. It is suggested that these beautiful jackets be worn at casual events and category