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Daredevil is one of the few shows that knock on the right spot of their fans. Matt Murdock, portrayed by Charlie, has a unique sense of courage and intellect. After the accident, he lost his eyesight in his childhood. But soon, realized that he has better-heightened senses as compared to others. So, he keeps this as a blessing and decided to help those who are in need. He is a lawyer in the day and vigilant at night. As an attorney, his inner self never allows him to cross the justice line, but he often challenges the law's boundaries. No doubt, the show is amazing, just as its cast and outfits. Do you remember the first Daredevil costume? Yeah, a simple compression shirt with Amry cargo trouser stapled by pair of boots and mask-like bandana. But in the next upcoming season, we witnessed a massive upgrade over his outfit.

Now the Daredevil has become more modish with his senses. He is wearing a cool leather jacket that looks damn handsome on his personality. And luckily, you can have the same look when you shop this Charlie Daredevil Murdock Jacket. This jacket has made of 100% Genuine Leather material with a long-lasting life. It has a soft internal viscose lining to keep you warm in those days of cold. The high detailing patterns on this jacket has made of high-class finish to imitate the exact look of Matt Murdock. So, why not choose this for the season?

We are sure your inner thirst for fashion is not yet disappeared, and you want more like this! So, hold tight until we present some more!

Daredevil The Defenders Charlie Cox Jacket: For the formal side of yours! When you are most active with your work life, this jacket can take care of your fashion need. It has made of 100% cotton fabric to hold you lightweight.

Daredevil Ben Affleck Red Jacket: When made from 100% genuine leather material, this jacket is assuredly a decision of wise on your part. It has a soft internal viscose lining and a straight-style collar to further augment your looks. The red color in this jacket is the color of passionate love and adventure. And you don't need to hesitate when you seal this for yourself or your loved ones!