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La Brea Jackets

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La Brea Jackets, La Brea Outfits, La Brea Merchandise Collection Sale

To all the fans of the sci-fi drama La Brea, we are here to deliver a piece of great news that will make all of you jump with excitement! The Genuine Leather has finally launched a new jacket collection which contains all the jackets from the famous TV Series La Brea.

We are one of the top names in the leather jacket industry. Other manufacturers offer collections from various movies and TV shows, but what makes our La Brea collection stand out is the unbelievably affordable prices of our jackets. We are offering these jackets worn by celebrities at a price point previously unheard of in the industry. On top of that, a promotional sale is going on at the moment which means you can have these jackets at up to 32% off. This is an absolute steal! The quality of our jackets is outstanding, and the craftsmanship that goes into making the jackets is absolutely incredible.

These La Brea Jackets are exactly the same as the ones you see the characters wearing throughout the series. They are manufactured with precision to satisfy the craving of the most skeptical of Stans and with a special focus towards getting the attention to details right. This collection includes jackets that come in a variety of different styles and fabrics such as denim, wool, leather, and suede. There are five variants on our initial launch: