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Stay Close Jackets

Stay Close Jackets

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Stay Close Jackets And Coats Collection,Stay Close Outfits

Stay Close Jackets Collection 

Dressing well in any situation, whether you are happy or sad, will leave a lasting impression on men and women alike. Be the first one to impress your loved one with a prominent and versatile look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Consequently, we are thrilled to introduce our broad range of Stay Close Jackets and Coats that will end up enhancing your appearance at any casual or formal event.

So, our top-rated collection has Stay Close Cush Jumbo Coat, Stay Close Ray Hoodie, Stay Close James Nesbitt Jacket, as well as different outfits that enable you to get a distinguished and dazzling look. Don't miss out on a chance to GET a new IDENTITY when you shop the Stay Close Merchandise collection.

Stay Close Premise 

The truth is that almost every individual has a few secrets that he or she does not want other people to know about. In Stay Close, a crime drama streaming television series, you can see exactly how people have a similar story, but in a different way. This television series revolves around the story of a working woman named Megan, a talented photographer named Ray, and a detective named Michael Broome who is haunted by a 17-year-old missing person's case. 

As both of them struggle to cover up their long-buried secrets, a shocking revelation from a long-lost friend of Megan's, Lorrain, stirs everything up, and when both of them are reluctant to confront their pasts, the situation gets even murkier. There is no way you can ignore the exquisite collection of Stay Close Outfits because the series has already got such an impressive response among fans and followers.

A Cast Of Stay Close

The most awaited and exciting television series featured world-class superstars to deliver the show remarkably. The cast includes a British actress Cush Jumbo as Megan Pierce-Shaw, an Irish actor James Nesbitt as DS Michael Broom, a handsome English actor Richard Armitage as Ray Levine, an English actress Sarah Parish as Lorraine Griggs. It also featured recurring characters such as English actress Jo Joyner as DC Erin Cartwright and several other celebrities to achieve remarkable success. 

Frequently asked question

Where is Stay Close based?

New Jersey's Atlantic City

Harlan Coben has written a crime thriller.

While the book is set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the film is set in Ridgewood, a fictional English town, with production taking place in Liverpool, Manchester, and Blackpool.

Is Stay Close Netflix worth watching?

Stay Close is a really watchable film at its most basic level. It feels like it was made to be binge-watched, with each episode building into the next — it's intriguing in the sense that it makes you want to keep watching, but not necessarily in the sense that you'll remember it in great detail a few months later.

How many episodes are in Stay Close?


Is Stay Close scary?

Stay Close is an open-world horror game with single-player and co-op modes. It takes a completely fresh and unique gameplay strategy that has yet to be seen in any other game. What should you do if you find yourself in a frightening and strange town?

Is Stay Close a one-season show?

“Stay Close” is a limited-edition series. Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage, James Nesbitt, Sarah Parish, Rod Hunt, and Eddie Izzard are among the cast members. Daniel O'Hara and Lindy Heymann directed the film. (Eight episodes, each about 45 minutes long)