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The Sound Of Magic Outfits

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The Sound Of Magic Coats and Jacket Collection

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The Sound of Magic (Korean: RR: Annarasumanara) is a South Korean streaming television series that premiered in 2022 and is based on Ha Il-Naver Kwon's webtoon Annarasumanara. Ji Chang-Wook, Choi Sung-Eun, and Hwang In-your feature in this film directed by Kim Seong-Yoon and written by Kim Min-Jeong.

The Sound Of Magic

Yoon Ah Yi supports herself and her younger sister after being abandoned by her parents due to debt. Yoon Ah Yi is one of the top students in the school, despite her part-time work and studies. Yoon Ha Yi's only wish is to grow up as quickly as possible so that she can have steady employment, and when she tells the magician Lee Eul about her dream, her life is permanently transformed.


you've received a letter from your loved ones. With the grace of The Sound of Magic Sung Eun Choi Hoodie, reveal it and take the proposal because your look completely falls into everyone in your affection. The supplied clothing is a replica of Yoon Ah Yi's hoodie from the 2022 drama and fantasy television series The Sound of Magic. Yoon Ah Yi is a pivotal character, and Sung-Eun Choi played Yoon.

Rebuild the magical fashion empire and govern with your mystical personality reflected in The Sound of Magic Ji Chang Wook Coat's charm. As you can see, this trench coat is a replica of Lee Eul's outfit from the fiction and drama-based music television series The Sound of Magic. Lee Eul, played by Ji Chang-Wook, is a mysterious magician who wishes to remain a child forever.

Frequently Ask Question and Answer

Is The Sound of Magic worth watching?

The Sound of Magic isn't for everyone, but it does an excellent job of fleshing out all of its characters, telling a basic but powerful plot, and overlaying it all with thought-provoking and timely ideas about society and our place in the world.

Is there going to be a second season of Sound of Magic?

Netflix has not renewed The Sound of Magic for a second season as of this writing. Although Netflix K-dramas are very popular on the site, the tale has a rather definitive finale.

What is the basis for The Sound of Magic?


The Sound of Magic, Netflix's latest Korean-language release, is based on a webtoon called Annarasumanara and is only six episodes long—much less than normal K-drama fare.

In The Sound of Magic, who is the magician?

Casting Ji Chang-Wook. Ji Chang-Wook was offered the part of the magician in the series in December 2020, according to reports. Hwang In-youp was also reportedly offered the role of Na Il-deung in the same month. Choi Sung-Eun was in talks to play Yoon Ah-Yi in the drama in February 2021, according to reports.

Is Sound of Magic a stage production?

“'The Sound of Magic' contains a lot of enchantment and musical aspects, so it's entertaining,” the director added. “But, as the Little Prince famously said, 'the most difficult magic is to capture people's hearts,' and that's what we aim to do with this performance.”

How many episodes in Sound of Magic?

This series has six-episode

How can I watch The Sound of Magic?

The series was released on May 6, 2022, exclusively on Netflix.

When did the sound of magic come out?

May 6, 2022