How much should you spend on a Leather Jacket?

Forementioned is one of the most common questions on the internet that how much you should spend? Indeed, there is a limit defined, but what is that limit? This blog will cover all the points that a person should keep in mind while shopping. So, sit tight, and let’s go on a journey to find out!

Buying a leather jacket is not an easy job to do. You have to be fully attentive to hear the inner voice of your heart. Your one single decision can decide the fate of your elegance for the decade. So, please remain extra cautious about it!

Now move on to the main topic; how you would decide? We believe Real leather jackets are expensive, and they are not worth spending an extra amount. But hang on, you will be surprised to know why it cost you less than $3.

Real Reason behind their price tag 

It is one of the common assumptions that expensive things have one of the best quality. Though it can be true, there is no doubt! I mean, indeed, you can’t compare street selling Hot-dog with the five-star buffet dinner. But sometimes seller has to lower its price in order to become market competitive. This concept also applies to expensive Leather Jackets as well. Sellers like us always try to win the market by keeping the profit very low. To make the customer satisfy and let them enjoy the dream of putting premium clothes at a lesser price. You can easily find some of the best premium jackets at our site in the range of $250 to $400. These jackets are faithful to their price in terms of comfort, material, and appearance.

Leather Quality and Type

Most of the time, cheaper Leather Jackets has made of corrected leather material. This leather is chemically processed to accomplish a desirable appearance. But on our site, there is no such concern as every premium Leather Jacket has made of genuine leather material. The natural cowhide leather has small grains that can never let any cold pass through it. Our products have the same classic smell of leather to validate their authenticity. So, why we are selling them at a lesser price? As compared to others, the price tag is very low as we mentioned that we tend to keep the profit as low as possible.

One of the most delicate Stitching

Investing in a premium Leather Jacket is surely a wise choice to consider. The stitching you get is extra precise and has a seamless finish. Their logos and design have a high edgy finish as compared to cheap leather jackets. And if you are a jacket lover, you can easily spot the difference between the cheap and the premium. On our site, you can mark the same qualities!

Hardware quality

The hardware quality is exceptional for Premium Leather Jackets. Because of its buttery smooth movements, even a toddler can operate this single-handedly. The life of these zippers is infinite, and they cannot break your trust that easily. Keeping the same idea, we used YKK zippers in our premium leather jackets. So, that you can save your energy for another special purpose!

Premium inner lining 

Cheaper Leather Jackets have a single lining coating, which is most of third-class quality. In contrast, the premium one has shearling, silk, or soft viscose lining to keep you in the business. It provides you with more comfort and soothing touch that is missing in cheap Leather Jackets.

Before you rush to the site, let us give you the main perk of investing in this attire.

Let’s make a scientific approach 

Assume you are on the site to choose the best option for yourself. After some surfing and window shopping, you finally decided to buy one! So, at that moment, what you have to do is to use this equation. This equation is dividing the total cost by the frequency of how much you will wear yearly. This process will give you some value.

As an E.g. the total cost of the product is $400. And you are wearing that jacket twice a week in spring and thrice a week in winter. It implies that at on average, you are carrying that jacket 60 times per year. This value of 60 can be less or more according to your frequency of wearing. Also, depending on your environment and carrying style, a single Leather Jacket can last a decade, which is astonishing!

And if we say you are keeping that jacket for three years. This gives us the equation’s value as $2.22/ year, which is not a big deal for an outfit like this? Right! I mean, one can assume if he should make that investment or not easily through this equation.

Ending Word 

In the end, we can say that it depends on your preference and the budget you opt to spend. It is totally up to you if you want to spend $1500 or $150 on your buying. We recommend keeping it in the middle and getting a good pair between the $200 to $300 range is an optimal choice. This budget will be pocket-friendly and will provide you with the same premium feel.

So, don’t forget to check out the first-rate collection of Real Leather Jackets!

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