Are Varsity Jackets Still An Entity?

Back then, in 1865, when this letterman jacket originates from Harvard University’s baseball team. This jacket was a symbol of pride for the athletic guys out there. But did you know? Initially, this was not a jacket but a knit sweater with logos imprinted on it. 

The university soon decided to transform this sweater into a jacket with an ‘H’ engraved symbol. After this, the jacket founds its name as the Letterman jacket and become quite trendy as an outfit.

Soon the university acknowledged giving these jackets only to the top players of the team. And whenever a player demoted his rank, he has to return it. This step from the university creates real hype for the jacket, and everyone sought to buy this.

We have people who believe that varsity jackets are outdated and that no one would wear them in today’s world. But that’s not true! They are still in fashion and will continue to be. Let us give you some of the best reasons why these varsity jackets can never go extinct presently.

Are Varsity Jackets Still An Entity

One of the best light casual wear 

Do you know what is so special about a university varsity jacket? It’s the versatility of it! Yes, you heard it right! These jackets have an option to get paired with any other outfit other than just for school. You can wear this while going for a meet-up, your evening football game, or daily wandering with your friends. Varsity jackets are always an ideal choice for a relaxed and distinctive look. You can combine it with a good pair of pants and sneakers, and Whoa! You are good to go. This jacket can save you in style if there is a sudden invitation from your friend. Or you are late for your school trip this year.

What can be more unisex than this?

Initially, there was a trend that only athletic boys wore this as their pride. But soon after 1972, Title IX laws ban all discrimination against female athletes. And all the institutes started offering these to female students as well. From there, it came into trend, and both boys and girls began wearing this as their ultimate attire. Girls combine it with paddle pushers or poodle skirts to reflect an extra edgy look.

More than just an athletic wear 

As we mentioned that varsity jackets were for athletic students only, but now this is not true anymore. As most of the schools and colleges are using it as their uniforms also. Next time you go out, don’t be afraid if you don’t have an athletic build, as this can symbolize your academic background also.

New upgrade design

Previously, they were coming in the whole knitted fabric with different patches stitched on it. But after the fresh upgrade, it is coming with PU leather sleeves that depict the ironic, adaptable look. So, if you are thinking of a standout among the crowd? I would suggest you buy a decent pair of jackets in two different colours. And if you are the one who doesn’t like to wear formally polished attires, then this is an idyllic prime for you!

Perfect wear for spring

Most jackets are meant to serve you in winters only, like genuine leather or wool blend jackets. But in the case of a varsity jacket, you can count on it. It comes with a soft internal viscose lining to let your skin breathe from every possible spot. Its soft, smooth texture inside will force you to choose this as your ultimate daily style.

Never-ending inspirations from the TV 

As long as trendy shows and movies are there, the varsity jacket’s trend can never vanish. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing these university jackets in different shows and movies. Like the recent one, Cyborg from the justice league. This character inspired many ones out there to shop for it.

Cheaper option to consider

Yep, letterman jackets can be much cheaper than other leather and woollen material jackets because they are accessible to manufacture without any hardship. And we have some of the best quality with premium stitching and all that at an exceptional price.

What do we have to offer?

Cyborg Justice League Letterman Varsity JacketThis jacket is a unique type of configuration, mimicking the specific look of the film. The consolidated cotton texture with PU cowhide is something so adaptable like you. It has an easygoing rib-weaved collar with sufficient tones to feature your adaptability. The Seven Star logo sewed on its front can give you prevalence over the others.

  • Moxie Mitchell Letterman Jacket

The essential body of the coat is fleece, while the sleeves are of PU cowhide. With a rib-sewed collar and sleeves, the highlights are exact as that on its base. The jacket has made of inward viscose covering to hold you cosily for the entire length of the day. The number engraved on its sleeves is essentially just about as uncommon as your choice. The open catch conclusion will copy the soul depicting a sharp look on you

  • Michael Jackson Varsity Letterman Jacket

MJ Letterman Jackets are known to be secondary school-sensitive honours with printed letter images on the back. You may have decorated ones as well. These are most likely going to raise your regards to a raised position. Michael Jackson Varsity Letterman jacket with premium cowhide type and duplex can give you long-lasting reliability with the actual item. Its viable and seemingly perpetual suspending item control can give stylish versatility in a go.

Varsity Jackets

Ending words

In the end, I can say everything has a moment when it has to see the routes of ending. But in the case of varsity jackets, I don’t think that is even near in the future. It will continue to save us as fashion wisdom until there is any other which can replace it. So, not to worry, and buy any of these from our shop to mark the day as a true lover of varsity jackets.