How To Style A Bomber Jacket

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What Is A Bomber Jacket?

Do you know what makes a Bomber Jacket different from other jackets? If you don’t know, then no worries. The Genuine Leather store is here to tell you all about bomber jackets, how to wear them, how you can enhance the looks of these jackets and much more. So stay on track with us as we are taking a ride into the category of Bomber Jackets. 

History Of Bomber Jackets:

The vintage and classic Bomber Leather Jacket, also known as a flight jacket, has a truly amazing history that goes back to the early 1900s. It was originally formed for military pilots to keep them warm in open cockpits during World War I. These jackets are made up of real leather and have restful fitting. Along with cuffs and waistbands to keep out the cold air.

During the World War II era, Mens Bomber Jackets received even more fame, as they were worn by both Allied and Axis pilots. These jackets contain various formation materials, including leather, wool, and nylon, and often featured fur collars for extra cosiness.

In the aftermath of the World War, Leather Bomber Jacket became a true fashion statement, and then civilians also started wearing them as well. These jackets were mostly customized with patches, embroidery, and other decorations, and were favoured by members of subcultures such as punk and skinheads.

In the 1980s era, Bomber Men Jacket experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to Hollywood movies such as Top Gun and The Right Stuff. The jackets were once again seen as a symbol of toughness and masculinity, and they were often paired with aviator sunglasses and other military-inspired accessories.

History of Bomber Jacket

Today, Leather Bomber Jackets For Men are still considered as the men’s first choice plus now they are available for females too. Now these newly formed designers are putting their own brand name on the classic style. They are available in a variety of colors and fabrics and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. While they may no longer be worn exclusively by pilots, bomber jackets remain a timeless piece of outerwear in history.

What Kind Of Bomber Jackets The Genuine Leather Offering

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How To Style A Bomber Jacket

How To Style A Bomber Jacket: 

Now the true question has arrived that you can enrich your looks even more while wearing a bomber jacket of any type. Well, we are here with some basic key points, which will let you know how you can wear a bomber jacket and what outfits will suit it best.

  • If you are wearing a bomber jacket made out of pure leather, faux or suede, then you need to bring back the cowboy style by wearing dark blue distressed jeans with suede or leather boots along with a checkered shirt under it. 


  • Are you looking forward to a truly decent look? If yes, then put on your cotton bomber jacket on a sweatshirt and wear it with narrow jeans along with normal sneakers. 


  • Want to go on with the street style, now let’s plan on wearing the bomber jacket totally in a street style casual outfit, which motorcycle enthusiasts also try. Wear a leather bomber jacket or slim-fit cotton bomber with a half-sleeve t-shirt of grey if the jacket is brown and a white tee if the jacket is black and wear narrow-fitting jeans with a little bit of ripped patches along with sketcher-style joggers.


  • Who said that you can only wear bomber jackets on casual occasions only. If you are the person who wants to wear it on a daily home-to-work routine in the winter season, then pick a plain formal shirt, tuck it in the formal pants and then put on your bomber jacket along with formal leather shoes.

How To Style A Bomber Jacket


In conclusion, I would like to tell you that any aviator jacket that you buy from us won’t affect your personality if you dress it up in an accurate way. Our bomber jackets are durable, eye-catching and full of variety. So, there is nothing to hold up for, buy the bomber jacket that suits you best.