Is faux leather better than genuine leather?

People always wonder what the difference between Real and Faux leather is. And how can you spot the difference when you are out to buy one for yourself? There are some tips and tricks as the thumb rules, which we will discuss in this blog. But first, we have to learn some primary differences between them.

We all know that genuine leather is always in demand, and its consumers are increasing day by day. Since encountering the issue of availability for this material, a new type of leather came in. Whenever you go shopping, you may have spotted the three types available in the market; Real, Faux, and the bonded. All these types have their boundaries and joys. The truth is that each type’s pros and cons depend on personal preferences and choices.

After reading this blog, I am sure that you will have the mind to go for which type. And it will help you to make sure that you are choosing the appropriate material for yourself.

What’s so unique in both these types?

Let me first highlight the fundamental difference between these types.

Real Leather

Genuine leather is famous for its raw and classic look. We can see the stretch marks, veins, and irregular patterns throughout its surface because of its full-grain property. Since full grain is the top layer of the animal hide, it has so many inadequacies which look attractive. This type of leather never gets a chance to go on the correction process, due to which its grain remains intact. Because of this prevention, it becomes more durable and provides better resistance to cold.

Faux Leather

Faux leather is also known as vegan or Polyurethane leather. Just like Genuine leather, it doesn’t have imperfect pores and marks on its surface. It got process synthetically from different plastic materials, which later blend with wax or PU to reflect the authentic leather look. This type of leather has a uniform finish that is on the preference list for many people.

Real or Faux? – Are they made to last

Did you know the average life of genuine leather is around 20 years? This quality of lasting forever forced people to buy the real one. It becomes more classic with time, and you will age with it. But if you are the one who always prefers style by staying pocket-friendly, then Faux Leather would be your ultimate choice. However, it will never last that long as compared to genuine leather. But in a positive sense, we can say that this will help you move to different colors without spending a fortune.

Grasp these points in your mind 

Next time you are going to shop, take these points to identify which type of leather you are buying.

  • Genuine leather will have the most natural and raw appearance with more prominent stretched marks. In contrast, the PU or Faux leather jacket will have a smooth and uniform texture all over its surface.
  • Faux leather has the synthetic touch but will have a close look and feel like authentic leather in some instances.
  • Natural leather is more thick and durable as compared to faux leather.
  • If you look closely, you will observe the full-grain texture in natural leather. In faux leather, there will be an artificial and polymer-type pattern on it.

The more expensive, the better it is?

We always heard the saying, the more significant the thing is, the more we have to pay for it. It is true in most ways but not always applicable. The genuine leather is undoubtedly a one-time investment, but it can cost you a fortune to buy. And many people are there who can’t afford to spend that much, so in this instance, faux leather makes the blazing entry. It’s way cheaper than the genuine leather and can provide you with the same natural look. And you will be amazed to see how many people are unable to spot the difference. So, if you are not brand conscious, you can opt for it without any hesitation.

Final deal for the vegan lovers

As the world is moving forward, people are becoming more conscious of green energy. We are more concerned about the sustainability of different products. Genuine leather can never be an ideal choice if you are talking in terms of sustainability. This cowhide obtained from animal skin after going through tanning is not very environmentally friendly. However, in faux leather, the plastics used cannot decompose quickly, highlighting it is also not that Eco-friendly. But still, in terms of resources and manufacturing, we can say it is a much better option than the real one. If you are a vegan lover and resist outfits made from genuine leather, this could be a game-changer for you!

Easier to clean and easy to maintain 

Due to the absorbent ability of genuine leather, it absorbs more water and is sometimes harder to clean. Sometimes you may require professional help to clean it. But in the case of Faux leather jackets, you can wash them by yourself without any worry of ruining your leather.

Ending words 

In the final, we can say that it depends on your preferences. Each type has its positive and negative sideways. Next time, make sure to listen to your heart and make wise decisions by adding a real or a faux leather outfit to your wardrobe.

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